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Reap Passive Rewards
as a Real Estate Agent

The term “passive income” often gets misused. Claiming “I earn passive income from my properties!” loses weight when you’re dedicating 20+ hours a week to property managers and routine maintenance. Likewise, if brokerage revenue sharing demands hours of weekly support for your downline agents to keep them qualified, how passive is it, really?

Traditional real estate practices dictate that agents consistently drum up new leads. This means cold calling For Sale By Owners (FSBOs), For Rent By Owners (FRBOs), chasing after expired listings, and building rapport with divorce and probate lawyers. To stay top-of-mind, many resort to flooding their sphere of influence (SOI) with pseudo-magazines or recurrent postcards, which can feel more like pestering than effective marketing.

It’s time to step off the endless treadmill of “get leads or get no income.” Consider a transformative approach: experience authentic passive income. Discover the most unparalleled passive income solution in today’s market.

As one of our students said (as screenshot below), “Do you realize just how powerful this process can be? I’ve never seen anything like this, have any of you?” 

Passive GCI

The World’s First and Only Truly Passive Income System for Real Estate Agents

No Cold Calling

No Need to Cold Call

Most agents we speak to are tired of calling FSBOs, expireds, divorce & probate attorneys, or anyone else.

No Harassing SOI

No Harassing SOI

Are you tired of awkwardly telling your friends and family that you’re an agent for the 207th time?

Sad Realtor

No Staging Properties

Staging properties for showings can be time-consuming and expensive. 

No Sending Fake Magazines

No Sending Fake Magazines

Fake magazines, brochures, postcards, and various other “top of mind” techniques aren’t necessary here.

Case Studies

Examples of Success

eXp announced the top referral senders in the entire brokerage, around 85,000 agents.

For the second month in a row, the top three referral senders in all of eXp are running Passive GCI!

A Passive GCI student in our private community posted the following:

“Not sure everyone realizes just how powerful this program could be; was doing a little conservative math. This could be a huge opportunity. I have never seen anything like this, have any of you?”

To which another student responded:

“That’s exactly why I’m here!”

…and another student responded:

“The usage is endless!”

Adam and Victor happened to notice that they landed 10 leads in one day yesterday. All automatically handled.

This is truly “passive”:

Passive GCI

A Different Approach.

While many real estate agents possess an entrepreneurial spirit, they often remain trapped in an employee mindset. Their primary focus is on amassing more leads, even after experimenting with numerous services to get them. With limited hours in a day, there’s a cap on how much business they can manage. Building a team is one of the few ways to scale, but retaining quality members poses its own challenge. After all, if an agent is truly proficient, why would they part with 20% of their earnings for the brokerage and another 20% for their team?

Utilize your license in a unique way

Dramatically decrease your workload

Approach your work like a business owner, not an employee

Man working at comp
Decades of experience.
Life-changing results.

Again and again, agents have enjoyed opportunities they didn’t realize were possible.

Passive GCI

Why our clients
choose Passive GCI…

Success in business almost always requires a multi-pronged approach. It isn’t just a single marketing campaign, or a single sales strategy. Everything must synchronize.

Combining years of experience in a variety of fields, along with a policy of customer obsession, the team at Passive GCI has successfully created the world’s first passive income solution for real estate agents

Experts in our field.

Decades of experience. Trained professionals. Millions in sales generated.

From coast to coast.

We have worked with clients from across the country (and beyond).

Customer obsessed team.

“Whatever it takes.” Full synergy of all required components, ensuring your system is configured correctly.

Contact our team of experts, today.

We are here to ensure your real estate business becomes predictably successful. 

Passive GCI

Your future could be amazing.

Reach out for a free consultation about how you can implement a passive income system as a real estate agent, allowing you to finally live the life you desire.

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